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THE WEBSITE. The website www.famous-shoes.gr [hereinafter «famous-shoes.gr»] is the intellectual property of The Company, both according to the law 2121/1993 «On intellectual property» as it has been amended and is in force today, as well as according to the international conventions signed by Greece. The Company retains the exclusive intellectual property rights in the design and all the content of the website. Any violation of The Company’s rights -in any way- bears as many responsibilities and penalties as provided by law.

PROVISION OF SERVICE.  The Company provides the services of the website famous-shoes.gr with the following terms, which the user is asked to read carefully, and only continue using the website’s services if they fully accept them and only if they unreservedly consent to their implementation.

Any use of the website www.famous-shoes.gr and especially any transaction through the website famous-shoes.gr implies the full acceptance of the Terms of Use, as well as the terms of Changes - Returns by the user, which are the only binding agreement between the user and The Company, and are as valid as if they had been signed in a written form. The Company may modify the following Terms of Use at any time, without noticing its users, who must inform themselves regarding any changes.

After any alteration of the Terms of Use, the use of the website by the users famous-shoes.gr means the re-acceptance of the (modified) Terms of Use and their unconditional commitment to them. Each new use is presumed as re-acceptance of the Terms of Use and Transactional Terms of the website famous-shoes.gr.

SIGNING UP. Signing up to this website presupposes the user’s use of their real personal information. During the Sign Up, the user must state the following information: their Name and Surname, their address, their email address as well as their phone. In order to avoid confusion, the selection and/or use of a username that could refer to -or link- a user to famous-shoes.gr services or to a famous-shoes.gr administrator (such as administrator1, admin, webmaster etc.). Usernames that contain personal information are also prohibited, such as Name or Surname, contact numbers etc., regardless of whether they correspond to reality or not.

If famous-shoes.gr notices any of the above, it has the right to deactivate any such account, anytime and without prior notice to the user. Famous-shoes.gr considers that all the persons who register in famous-shoes.gr and trade with the Company are capable of legal action and that the submission of an order institutes a valid declaration of will.

By completing your order and accepting the Terms of Use, you also accept your subscription to our Newsletter. If you don’t wish to receive informative-promotional emails, please select unsubscribe at the bottom page of any newsletter.

USERS ACCOUNTAfter completing the sign-up process, the user receives a confirmation email on the email address that was stated during the sign-up, that contains their information as well as their password. The user remains personally and solely responsible for all transactions made through their account. The user must care to ensure their security code, as well as their standard exit from the website.

If any unauthorized use of your account is detected, or any occurring or possible breach of security, you must immediately inform famous-shoes.gr. The Company is not responsible for any damage that might occur from the inability of its users to respect and follow this contractual term.

PERSONAL DATAThe Company keeps a Personal Data Archive of famous-shoes.gr users, in accordance with the requirements of law 2742/1997 as amended and in force today and has legally notified the keeping of its Archive to the Personal Data Protection Authority. All the User Data that are being registered in the file of famous-shoes.gr are exclusively those that are declared by the Users themselves during their registration process.

The purpose of collecting these Data is to store them in a Server, and to use them for the shipping information (addresses), in order to send the users’ orders. For the sole purpose of storage, the data are kept in Greece. The User’s consent to the Terms of Use of famous-shoes.gr simultaneously provides the explicit consent of the User, for the processing and transmission of their Personal Data. Users have the right to delete, correct, modify, update the Data they have provided, or even deactivate their registration, at any given moment, by contacting info(at)famous-shoes.gr. Users may use the same email address for any update or objections regarding the processing of the Personal Data they have declared, in accordance with the law.

The Company is committed to not sellrentor in any way share the personal data of famous-shoes.gr usersto any third partyFamous-shoes.gr may channel the data of its users to third party legal/natural persons only if: It has the prior consent of the users for the channeling of the data and information that concerns them. The legal/natural persons that cooperate with famous-shoes.gr have the right to process the personal data that famous-shoes.gr users provide, only to the extent of providing technical or other type of support towards famous-shoes.gr, or to serve Users’ requests, and they are bound by corresponding terms of compliance with the protection of this information. It is required due to the compliance with the relevant provisions of the law and to the competent authorities only.

Furthermore, the Company is bound to not use your email address to send spam emails. However, it is entitled to send informative emails (newsletters) regarding its operation, or the services of famous-shoes.gr, unless you oppose it by contacting the email address info (at) famous-shoes.gr.

COOKIES. Famous-shoes.gr may use cookies in order to identify you in some of the website’s services. Cookie is a small piece of data that is sent to your browser by a web server and is stored in your computer’s hard drive. Cookies do not damage your system, and do not affect its functionality in any way. Cookies also make browsing the web easier, by storing your settings. You can configure your browser in such a way that, either you are warned about the use of cookies in specific services of famous-shoes.gr, or you prohibit the use of cookies. In case that you do not wish to use cookies for your identification, you will not have further access to these services.

EXTERNAL LINKS Famous-shoes.gr may contain external links towards other websites, which are controlled by third parties. The Company is not responsible for their content, neither does it guarantee any products or services that are offered there. The Company is not responsible for any financial or other damage of any kind, to the user who may follow these links.

TRADEMARKS AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. The website famous-shoes.gr was created, belongs to, and is the intellectual property of the Company, according to law 2121/1993 (as it has been amended and is valid today) and the international agreements signed by Greece.  The Company retains exclusive intellectual property rights in the design, source code, database and all the website’s content (including pictures, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, provided services and all the files of the website in general). Any violation of these rights, in any way, carries as many responsibilities and penalties as provided by law. Indicatively and not restrictively, it is forbidden to copy, edit, modify, publish, distribute in any way, the texts, photographs and the content of famous-shoes.gr ‘s database, without the Company’s written consent. It is also forbidden to copy, edit, decompile or use famous-shoes.gr ’s software in any unauthorized way. The trademarks that are contained in famous-shoes.gr are registered trademarks of the Company and the third-party organizations, companies or entities that are beneficiaries, and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek and European law, and the international conventions and treaties. The use of these trademarks is strictly prohibited.

LACK OF WARRANTY Famous-shoes.gr ‘s content is provided “as is”, without any warrantyexpressed or impliedin any wayregarding its marketability and its suitability for any purposeFamous-shoes.gr does not provide any explicit guarantee that its pages, services, functions, options and contents will be provided without interruption, without errors, and that errors will be corrected. Furthermore, famous-shoes.gr does not guarantee that itself or any other collaborating websites or servers -through which they are made available to users- do not contain “viruses” or other harmful components. In no way are famous-shoes.gr, the Company, the shareholders, representatives, employees or persons connected with it responsible for any damage you may take from using famous-shoes.gr.

DAMAGE-COMPENSATIONFamous-shoes.gr ‘s user is responsible to the Company and its associates, for any damage or loss caused by the user’s use of famous-shoes.gr ‘s services in an unfair way, or not in accordance with these terms of use.

JURISDICTIONAPPLICABLE LAW AND OTHER TERMS. The above terms and conditions regarding the use of famous-shoes.gr, as well as any subsequent modification, are governed and supplemented by the Greek law. By accepting these terms of use, you also accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens for the interpretation or resolution of any dispute that might arise by visiting or using famous-shoes.gr.

All the above terms are considered essential. If any of the provisions above becomes contrary to a law, it automatically seizes to be valid and is removed from the present terms, without affecting the validity of the other terms. These terms constitute the entire agreement between the Company and the service user of famous-shoes.gr and binds solely them. In case of any modification of these terms, it will not be considered and it will not form a part of the agreement, unless it has been made in accordance with these terms of use, it exists in written form on the website and is has been incorporated in it.


TERMS OF TRANSACTION These terms of transaction cover every transaction (sale of products and their shipment) between the user and the Company with the brand name “FAMOUS PATRON E.E.” and the distinctive title “Famous Shoes Stores” [hereinafter the «Company»], through the website (site) www.famous-shoes.gr [hereinafter «famous-shoes.gr»]. Their acceptance is a matter of signing a written agreement. Famous-shoes.gr considers that the people who trade with this website are capable of legal action, and the submission of an order is a valid statement of will. Each submission of an electronic order form means your acceptance of the current terms, as well as the acceptance of the Return terms (https://famous-shoes.gr/tropoi-pliromis-epistrofes.html) . To complete an order, it is necessary to complete and send the special order-form of the famous-shoes.gr website. Your order is considered as valid, when you receive a notification from famous-shoes.gr on your phone (the phone that you used in your order) stating that your order has been received, alternatively, if you are a registered user, you will receive a notification via email, to the email address that you used during your registration. If you notice any mistake, you must contact and inform the Company as soon as possible. You can cancel your order regardless of the stage it is at, by contacting the Company via the email address: info@famous-shoes.gr or by calling 210 25 15 855 (9am.-5pm EET)

PRODUCT WARRANTIESThe Company does not warranty products that it does not manufacture itself, or generally products which only resells. For those products, you get a warranty straight from their suppliers/manufacturers, while the Company has no responsibility regarding their suitability for use. The Company does not provide any kind of “guarantee of suitability” for products that it offers for a specific purpose. The responsibility for the product that you chose for a specific purpose is solely yours.

PLACE OF PREPARATION OF THE CONTRACT The place of preparation of the contract is Kifissia Attica, where the Company’s registered office is.

TIME PROVISIONAfter the submission of their order, the user receives an order confirmation notification on their phone (the phone that was stated within the order, or during the registration process). Products are delivered from ELTA Courier within 2-6 business days since the placement of the order. For Cyprus you can order online from: Famous Shoes Cyprus

PRICES AND DURATION OF OFFERS. Since the transactions are made in real time, the binding price is the one at which the buyer placed an order. That price will only be valid for as long as it is listed on the website famous-shoes.gr. Subsequent revaluation does not apply in pending orders. In case of a valid correction of the order by the user, the binding price is the one that is valid at the time of correction, and not the price during the initial submission of the order.

COMPAINTS AND WITHDRAWAL RIGHTS. The provisions of the Civil Code and consumer lay apply to the rights of termination and withdrawal from the contract. In case of termination and/or withdrawal from the sale, you should contact info@famous-shoes.gr in writing, or call at 210 25 15 855 (9am.-5pm EET)

FORCE MAJEURE. The Company is not responsible for delays in execution (delivery included) due to causes that can not be attributed to the Company’s fault or its associates, or due to force majeure. The Company is entitled to a time extension in these cases. Indicatively and not restrictively, such cases are: strikes, floods, natural disasters, terrorist acts or any situation that does not depend on the Company, such as issues or delays on behalf of the suppliers.

APPLICABLE LAW AND JURISDICTION The current agreement is governed by Greek Law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens. Especially for disputes that are subject (due to the amount) to the jurisdiction of the Magistrates’ Court, the Magistrates Court of Attica will have exclusive jurisdiction.

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