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The legally registered beneficiary that uses this e-shop for marketing products, that are distinguished by the legally registered Th. Drakopoulos, states that they respect consumer’s privacy and particularly the protection of their personal data.

They have fully harmonized, with the change of legislation regarding the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR, which was regulated under the no.2016/679 Regulation by the European Union, was entered into force, and already completed with consent, the safe gathering and saving of their customer’s personal information. Specifically, they have the full consent for processing their customers’ personal data, data that are codified in order to avoid identification (profiling). Furthermore:

They take responsibility to follow the same procedure for their new clients

They do not correlate databases (linked data).

They unreservedly accept the immediate deletion or export and delivery of the data on demand, and agree to receive the necessary personal data, so they can implement a transaction.

The legally registered beneficiary of this e-shop, which is marketing products, that are distinguished by the legally registered Th. Drakopoulos, also unreservedly states that from now on, they fully comply with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR, and that if they are legally proposed to them either from themselves, or from the cooperating companies which are handling their clients personal data on their behalf, and states that these companies are the following:

Google Company for Google Analytics, Google Adwords & Remarketing information from Google: https://privacy.google.com/businesses/compliance

MailChimp Company for sending out newsletters: https://kb.mailchimp.com/accounts/management/about-the-general-data-protection-regulation

Apifon Company for sending SMS and Viber campaigns: https://www.apifon.com/gdpr-consent-campaigns-en

OneSignal Company for sending notifications: https://onesignal.com/blog/product-policy-updates-for-gdpr/

Our company is using Skroutz Analytics in order to keep improving its quality of service. Through this service, anonymous usage statistics are publishes on Skroutz.gr, and the data received from our company through this service are covered by the privacy policy of Skroutz.gr.

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